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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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another aftershock rocks the area early this morning, less than an hour ago. a calendar conflict forcing the president to delay a much- anticipated speech on his latest plan to find more jobs. find out why republican leaders asked him to reschedule. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is 6:00 on this thursday, first day of september. taking a live look outside. see the sun starting to come up there this morning. going to be beautiful out there once again today. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. thank you for watching fox 5
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morning news. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad you're with us. >> breaking news. the earth shakes again. the 3.4after shock struck around 5:09 this morning. folk have posted on our facebook fan page saying they did feel it. the impact of hurricane irene is still being felt hard in some areas to our north. here is a look at lincoln park, new jersey where many neighborhoods remain under water. the white house says president obama will visit the town of paterson on sunday to see thed intoing firsthand and survey the damage. students in calvert and st. mary's schools will return to class today. in prince george's county, glenarden woods elementary the only school without full power. we can expect an announcement on the school status by 6:30 this morning. >> ann >> anne arundel county still has seven schools closed.
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you can see that list on let's check in with tucker now. >> temperature in the low to mid-80s and low humidity so no complaints. >> we could have a hurricane we could be dealing wand we don't. >> absolutely right. -- and we don't. >> absolutely right. >> 67 at reagan national. >> let's look at the satellite- radar. there you go. generally clear skies across the region. should be another nice day today. we'll have afternoon temperature in the low to mid- 80s and low humidity. no rain here over the next few days. sunshine, 85, again a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon and nice. winds out of south at five
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miles per hour. >> we'll be weather wimps if we keep having this kind of weather. we'll be spoiled. >> you're right about that. >> let's check in with julie wright to see how she is doing. >> we're doing pretty well right now with no into report around the capital beltway. your lanes are open in each direction at the wilson bridge. 270 is where we're seeing the volume uncrease as you guys travel south of 109. no incidents, just volume. 66 close in is on the slow side leaving nutley street headed for the beltway. 66 also tied up right now, 29 in centerville. trouble with the signal lights. police are on the scene at that location to help direct you through. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the president's upcoming jobs speech is the big story we're following. >> the president has agreed to wait a day later than he wanted to after a request superthe speaker of the house.
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sherry ly live on capitol hill with more on the speech fall out. >> reporter: good morning. imagine what it will like when they get down to the real issues since they are fighting right now over when the president will deliver his jobs speech. the president had raised the stakes first asking to address the joint session of congress to deliver his economic rescue plan to create jobs. he had requested september 7th which threatened to upstage a long-planned gop presidential debate. it happened to be the same night. so house speaker john banner suggested the next night, september 8th, which happens to be the opening night for the nfl season when the huge football audience could tune the president out. after negotiating back and forth, the president ceded to the republican demands and changed the date. the white house press secretary issued a statement saying both houses will be back in session after their august recess on
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wednesday september 7th so that was the date that was requested. we consulted with the speaker about that date before the letter was released but he determined thursday would work better. now, the last time the president chose a venue like this was to save his health care bill n a letter to the speaker, president obama said, quote, it is our responsibility to find a bipartisan solution to help grow the economy. if we are willing to put country before party, i am confident we can do just that. that is the latest here on capitol hill. back to you. >> thank you so very much. an aruban judge decided there is enough evidence to continue holding gaithersburg native gary giordano. he will be locked up for 60 more days. he and robyn gardner went to aruba on july 31st. he says she disappeared while
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they were snowstorm eling but her body has never been found. -- snorkeling but her body has never been found. a silver spring man says he was assaulted by another man who followed him, rammed into his car and attacked him with live downed power lines. this happened on sunday. the suspect is a d.c. lawyer and he is out on reduced bond. investigators in glenn burnie looking for this nissan pathfinder. they say the suv hit a tow truck driver on route 100 as he prepared to tow a stranded vehicle the morning of august 4th. officers found james shriver, jr. lying dead in the road. a surveillance camera took this picture of the suv. we are told it has a broken right mirror and damage to the right front fender. if you have information, call autopsy arundel county police.
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a local -- call anne arundel county police. a local football player will be laid to rest. derek sheeley passed with a sunday. we are hearing there was some sort of helmet to helmet collision with another player. they say the team's helmets were selected based on i a study by virginia tech and are supposed to be best in the business. three people at a mail facility fall ill after a suspicious package turns up. we'll have the latest on that investigation. ahead in just a couple of days, the nation will mark 10 years since 9-11. details on a report that says first responders still don't have the communications systems needed to save lives. ♪
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still a mystery. throw military mail carriers got rash-like symptoms after receiving a suspicious package.
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several buildings were evacuated. the three victims have been treated and released and so far no word on why that package was deemed suspicious. millions of people will die of starvation if more is not done to help. that was the message during a visit to osamaal yasm they say the international community must step up to protect the refugees and those who stay in somalia. more than 29,000 children under the age of five have died in the past three months alone. nearly 10 years after 9-11, an emergency responder still cannot communicate with another over emergency radios. one of the gaping holes in a report card released by the 9- 11 commission. coming up next, an update on hurricane katia. >> also ahead, an earthquake, a hurricane and new another
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threat from mother nature, poisonous snake turning up in larger than normal numbers lately. we're back in just a moment. t
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welcome back now. taking a live look outside from our tower cam here. just a beautiful shot as we see the sun starting to come up there. lights starting to die down just a little bit on what is going to be a very nice day. in the 80s again, that is right? >> sunrise now 6:37. we are losing daylight he have day. a couple of minutes a day. >> so sad. >> no, it's fine. >> it is sad to see the sun go. why can't it stay here even during the winter. >> if you move to the equator, you can have that. >> i'm a leaving, packing my bags. -- i'm leaving, packing my bags. >> all right. today will be just fine. we'll be back into the 80s and low humidity.
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we'll have a little more heat this weekend. you think you will notice the humidity will be around. if you are not done with summertime yet, this will be a good weekend for you. maybe some afternoon thunderstorms for you each day this weekend. 66-degree at reagan national. real comfortable. 60 in quantico. 65en in -- 65 in annapolis, where we have power back. you saw in the live shot we have a few cloud. that is holding temperatures up just a little bit over where we were yesterday. hooking at the satellite-radar, not a lot going o we have very quiet conditions south and east of the city. a little bit of cloud cover rolling through and north and west, myling sign here, we've got shower and thunderstorm activity up towards pittsburgh. the computer models are trying to suggest we'll have a little cloud cover here. it is possible you could get
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some light shower activity later this afternoon and tonight. if you are watching out into western west virginia, western maryland, you've got a chance for a few showers. partly sunny skies, humidity stays on the low side. 58 your daytime high with wind oust south at about five miles per hour. later tonight, looking fine, partly cloudy skies. i mentioned the chance of a shower. the wind out of the south at five will start to push that humidity in during the day tomorrow. so partly sunny tomorrow with more humidity. saturday are sunday and monday, certainly a more summery air mass around here. nothing too bad with highs in the mid- to upper 80s and a chance if an isolated thunderstorm each day. i know a lot of you got outdoor plans. generally going to be dry here. we have a 20, 30% chance each day you will see a scattered thunderstorm. let's do some on-time traffic. >> i was busy picking a bag and they said i had to return to the set. >> if you're here, you get
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paid, not at the equator. >> oh, really? if i'm on the equator, is nice andsony. >> all the time. >> all the time. southbound 270, coming in oust gaithersburg, lanes are open. no incident reported as you guys continue southbound leaving gaithersburg headed in towards rockville. appear easy commute stacking up for us as you continue down towards the beltway. no incidents along the top stretch lot pace is slowing approaching and passing 109. again, here, southbound 270 leaving 370 past rockville, lanes are open. we'll continue with our cameras. no problems to report coming in out of manassas. an easy trip here. 50 at pleasant valley in fairfax county. ken ill worth avenue here at eastern, lanes are open. ken ill worth avenue southbound at pep pen avenue. authorities are on the scene of a crash. follow their direction in order to get by.
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there may be more damage at the washington monument from last week's earthquake. the national park service says engineers sealed crack from the quake but found water inside the monument after hurricane irene came through. jeers say the monument is structurally sunday and they are searching for the source of that leak. mime, more aftershocks. there was another one this morning, a 3.4 just after 5:00 a.m. center near mineral, virginia, just like the others. the national cathedral will be closed for at least another week pause of the earthquake damage. today, media will get a first look it the damage inside the cathedral along with an update on prep rigs for 9-11 memorial events there. an increase in venomous snake bites in maryland has some wondering if the recent earthquake and hurricane is bringing them out of the ground. three people are now recovering after being bitten by copper head snakes in montgomery county. one victim says she discovered two baby snake next to the family swimming pool.
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she noticed one was shedding it its skin so she decided to show her kids. turns out it was a copper head and after holding it for a while, it bit her thumb. >> you could still see some of it is very blue here but nothing compared to how it was. i was teaching my girls don't be frayed of everyling spider and squirmy thing. i guess, you know, not a bad idea to be a little afraid. >> the treatment included 18 vials of anti-venom. while this is not any cop crete proof to blame the recent attacks on heavy rain. doctors say it is quite possible. our business beat is coming up next. the market is up but a change in the calendar could spell some bad news. as we go to break, a look at today's my fox half off deal. it is for rolling pin bakery in bladensburg, maryland. go to and look on our home page for some fantastic deals that will
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satisfy your sweet tooth there. that is up to 57% off the normal price by the way. take advantage. time now is 6:20. we'll be right back. 
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the dow turns positive for twitch. historically not off to a good month for stocks. sandra smith join us with our business beat this morning. let's focus on yesterday first. another good day. good morning. >> yes, four straight day of gains, steve and we are actually positive for the year. that is something we can hang our hat o up fortunately, september doesn't typically offer us much. it tends to be a very negative month for the stock mark edmonton everyone everybody returns from the summer. everybody tries to figure out what to do with their money in the last three months of the year. and on average date back to 1896, the to go markets lost 1% or more for that month.
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we don't have to depend on it being a weak month for stocks but sometimes history can tell us best that it does tend to be a negative month for the stock market. i will tell you what this market is anticipating, that could make is unprecedented. we have a jobs speech next week that this market will be paying attention on. this is some hope by traders that fed chairman ben bernanke might inject more stimulus into the economy to boost the stock market. don't just depend on it to be a weak month because there is a lot going on that could turn things around for all of us. >> you are saying there is a chance that we could kind of defeat history here. >> there is a chance. >> there is a chance. >> you know, and it is he agreat responsibility to bring up, steve because right now, a lot of investors are still fearful about what is happening in stock market and they are still putting their money in gold. we con to see gold make record highs. the nothing of august is the biggest monthly gain for gold
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since november 2009. if you think back at what was happening in november 2009, there was a lot of uncertainty in the market a lot of questions about where the economy was going, where this country was going so the fact that we are still seeing invery muchors flocking to the precious metals with their money still shows people are unease you and they don't have a whole lot of confidence in the market rye now. >> it is just the first day of the month so we'll see what the next 29 bring. thank you very much. >> we'll cross our fingers. a big response on our facebook page to the story about the high cost of child care for famour area. we'll show you how one neighborhood manages to make things work without paying a thing. a calendar conflict forces the president to change his speech. we'll tell you why republican leaders asked him to put it off. 
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the tally of irene's economic impact is still being added up. the numbers are starting to come in now. maryland comptroller says the state lost more than $2 million in revenue over the weekend due to the evacuation of ocean city. most of that was lost sales tax revenue. some good news this morning for schools in southern maryland. they are all going to be open again. the students in kal verdict and st. mary's county schools will return to class on time. in prince prince george's county, glenarden elementary school is the only one without full power. we expect to get the stay with
6:31 am
us of the schools at 6:30 which is right now. another aftershock this morning. people from fredericksburg to columbia, maryland posted on our fan page that they fell it this morning. we did not. we were sitting right here where we normally are at 5: 09 in the morning. >> not a thing. if there was a little tremor, i would have thought it was -- >> at this point, we are getting so use to it. >> we are spoiled by the big ones. >> if you're not going to bring a 5.0 or bigger, don't even bother. who knew we would have more earthquakes here than in california in the past year and a half. >> been a busy area for seismic activity. >> just activity in general, it has been busy here. >> it has but nice transition. not much happening in weather. >> very nice. >> i think we'll have a beautiful weekend. maybe a thunderstorm or two during the weekend. it will be nice. there are quiet conditions. there are a few clouds to start your morning, particularly north and west. but when all is said and done,
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it will be another nice one with a mix of sun and clouds today and temperature back in the mid-80s. a nice looking day and you should generally be dry with the exception if you are watching well out to the west. portions of west virginia around western maryland, you might see a light shower today. bwi marshall, 60, very nice comfortable start. the air feels great. one more day with low humidity t will start to creep back up tomorrow. we'll worry about that tomorrow. 85 in la plata. 83 in front royal. we should be dry with plenty of sunshine. coming up, act weather guy. we are together to delve into all things mushrooms. >> i have aheard a lot of talk about that recently, like in the last few days. >> you are straying from the hurricane. i can't believe it. >> we have to mix it up a little bit. >> a busy thursday. i like to call it friday eve. let's start off in northeast washington where we've got some
6:33 am
problems to report. signal lights not working properly for our friends traveling in northeast washington. signals are on flash here south dakota avenue at michigan avenue. again, if you come up to the intersection, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. approaching pennsylvania avenue, accident still inly with only one leap to the right getting by. only about an eight-minute trip as you travel south of 50 heading down towards the accident scene. right now, to accidents to report coming inbound off of 66. lanes are open as you work your way out of manassas. slow traffic, 50 to 123 and again at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. one big story wave been following this morning. the president's plan to find unemployed americans find work. most recent unemployment number will be released tomorrow. as of july, the rate stood at 9.1%. next thursday, the president
6:34 am
will outline his plan to jump start the economy. >> the date was pushed back a day after complain from house speaker john boehner. fox 5's sherry ly live on capitol hill with more on the speech fallout. >> reporter: it is when the president wanted to deliver this speech that set off a fire storm. republicans balked because it is the same night as the scheduled gop presidential debate but their choice of dates wasn't much better. it is the opening night of the nfl season and the battle seemingly less about policy than it is about politics. the president yesterday announced initially that he would address a join investigation congress on wednesday for his much- anticipated jobs speech. it wasn't long before house speaker john balkaner respond wade note you wering the speech be moved to thursday. the white house says this was about rescuing the economy, not politic, so they agreed to gop
6:35 am
demand to change the date. major garrett weighed in on the controversy. >> no pros want to compete with the nfl especially after the lockout when everybody is hungry to watch it. if not everyone, a good percentage of american public. now, the bigger point here is the joint session. joint session speeches are rare and they are used on rare circumstances, something very big. so by requesting a joint session, the president is elevating the importance of this speech. it better be a humdinger. it better be really good. >> the white house press secretary issued a statement explaining how this happened saying in part both houses will be back in session after their august recess on wednesday, september 7th so that was the date that was requested. we culled with the speaker about that date before the letter was released but he determined thursday would work better. so now that this date is settled and the speech will be next thursday, the white house is trying to find a time that
6:36 am
won't conflict with the nfl games game, atime when the viewer might tune the president out. back to you. >> thank you. some other top stories. a judge decided to keep gary giordano of gaithersburg locked up there for 60 more days. he and robyn gardner within to aruba on july 31st. he said she disappeared while they were snorkeling but her body has never been found. prosecutors have said his story has been inconsistent. so far, he has not been charged. a bizarre attack in silver spring. a man says he was assaulted by another driver who followed his, rammed into his car and then got out, picked up live power lines and threw them at his vehicle. this happened near the inare section of brewster and worth avenue sunday. the suspect, richard bialzac, is a d.c. lawyer and he is out
6:37 am
on reduced bond. a hit and run in glen burnie. the suv hit a tow truck driver on route 100 as he prepared to tow a stranded vehicle on august 24th. james shriver, jr. was found lying dead in the road. here is a surveillance camera photo of the suv. it has damage to the right front fender. more on a story a lot of you are talking about on you are on facebook page. a recent study says d.c. has the highest average day care costs in the country. fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick has more on how families in one neighborhood have found a way to make things work. >> reporter: finding quality affordable child care can be a big stress on families. >> in our budget, it is the second highest line item if you will, second only it our mortgage, and astounding a money goes out to just caring for our children. >> reporter: the nationwide
6:38 am
survey found that costs continued to go up. one year of infant care more than more expensive than college tuition in 36 states which can leave parents with some hard choices. >> we are seeing more cases where families are trying to split the child care by going to one par inworking during the day and one working nights. >> fortunately to dr. april everett, her articling to be neighborhood was way ahead of its time. aurora hills formed a bibby sitting co-op which she seduces so she can be a doctor and a mom. >> for working part-time, you almost have to pay more for child care. >> reporter: co-op started in 1963 when one mother couldn't find good day care for her kids and the club is still going strong. >> it is phenomenal because the cost of day care, child care is extremely expensive in this area. >> reporter: today, cindy is watching the everett kids while
6:39 am
april is at work. a schedule book ensures every family in the group take their turn. >> it is a group of moms that help each other out. we don't take any money. >> reporter: the aurora hills co-op has an answer to questions about lower quality care. >> there are very strict policies and procedures. when an open is is available, we take a vote and see if we think this person would be a good fit. >> reporter: not everyone's neighbor is as engage as this one. the change is to find ways for families of all income levels to have access to quality child care. melanie alnwick being fox 5 news. >> thank you. we do have i quick note to pass along. in prince george's countiy, glenarden woods elementary school will be closed once again today. still don't have power after the storm. so that update from prince george's county schools. that is the only school right
6:40 am
now closed. eventually, they will get back to school, hopefully soon. in the smart phone zone, if you've been putting off that prom toys yourself to use more coupons, we'll tell you why accept -- september is a great month tostart. u a ]itawe ge
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welcome back. lauren demarco joins us now from the smart phone zone. >> today, september, 1st, kicks off national coupon month. who knew that, right? you are probably familiar with the val-pak, the blue envelopes that you get in the mail. they have 30 tips for 30 day of the move september. let's take a look at a few. make your coffee and tea at home instead of buying it on the way to work. fur a regular at the coffee shop, that could be costing up
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to $1,000 a year. also, download an app that will find you dining deals near you. i like that one. we've covered plenty of those before. not only will you save on dinner but you'll save on gas going to restaurantss nearby. lastly, try a new salon. many of them offer discounts for first high pressure time customers. can you find more val-pak tip on our web site and we're using this opportunity to talk about the app. you can get all of those coupons that they accepted to your home on your phone instead. it is free to download and available for multiple smart phone platforms. switching gears to a new option for some drivers in maryland. you probably noticed the pay by phone option on i allot of the parking meters around town lately. they are trying out something s makes it even more convenient. it is called park now. it is free to download and in a few easy steps, you set up an
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account. it starts about $10 as a minimum. he have time you park, you open the app and you scan the qr code on the meter. we talked about those before. it deducts from your account. this pilot program is currently under way on a popular bethesda garage. we found drives that have used that recently implemented option to pay by phone. the concern was there were several steps involved. i got the feeling that hasn't completely caught on. folk did seem up rested in the brand-new app particularly the younger drivers. >> i would do the scanning over the calling. i hate carrying change. i never have change. so it would be nice. i always have my phone on me so i could use that if it was available. >> it sound great. i just never tried it. >> reporter: now is the time to try it. it is in bethesda garage 40 between kordell avenue and st. elmo. look for thele car codes on the
6:46 am
tops of the meters. at 8:00, we'll top out apps for theme park. getting kind of late in the year but we've had arough half week. if you want happy time, maybe a weekend get with a, stay tuned for that. can you piped all of this information on -- you can find all of this information on >> i would love that kind of meter. i hate carrying the change especially in d.c. where you get thee minutes for a quarter. losangeles has a great system where you hold your credit card up to the thing. you get your parking on there instantly. that is great because credit, debit card. >> so much easier. >> i agree. it seem like you have to have $10 in caps. >> up in of area merchants want to give you the quarters. >> not anymore. i tried to do that the other day. here is a dollar. that bought me, what, 10
6:47 am
minute. what about the rest of the hour? >> let's talk about the weather. weather will be just perfect. we'll see a few more clouds. this is a quiet weather pattern. we'll remain relatively quiet going into the weekend. a lot of people going to the beach for the last time. it should be nice. let's get to the numbers and we'll start with current conditions in washington and downtown, it is 66 degrees. reagan national, it is 66 degrees. leonardtown, 57. cambridge, 57 degrees. off to the north and west, a nice start some martinsburg. 63 in winchester. mentioned throw mid-80s so we'll watch the temperature jump real quick as the sun has been up for about 10 minute or so. this is your satellite-radar. not a lot to show you in the immediate washington area. we are once again quiet. we have a little cloud cover
6:48 am
across the lower eastern shore. we have the thunderstorm activity off to the north and west. it is possible -- the computers are suggesting this will slide down to the south later today. i think there will be a few more clouds here. you have the possibility of a few showers maybe a thunderstorm hater today. lets he get down to the gulf of mexico. this is could become our latest storm. there are a lot of suggestion this will become a tropical depression over the next couple of days. we may get a system this weekend south of new orleans. this would be lee if we get our next named storm. by the way, katia is a category juan one hurricane. -- is a category one hurricane. later tonight, just fine here. we'll have overnight temperature in the 60s.
6:49 am
could be a shower with partly cloudy skies and wind out of the south at five miles per hour. here is your weekend forecast. 5 tomorrow and late talk saturday, sunday and monday. to be honest with you, most of the weekend will be dry. you are going to the beach, outdoor plans, go for it. this will that be sort of summery air mass. it will be more humid this weekend. most of the weekend, nice and dry. >> they've ruined -- a hurricane ruined our plans last weekend so i'm sure a lot of people will be sure to get out there. >> it is time for ask the weather guys. that is the incredibly interesting segment where tony perkins and i put our famously large head together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. tony is relaxing. he is on vacation. i will do the best i can to answer this one myself. today's question is why to mushroom go so quickly during
6:50 am
the rain and i say during the rain because they are not there before the rain. where i live, they grow in one area. could there be a difference in the soil. >> before you answer this, i will say i have even in last couple of days, more pictures on facebook, twitter, otherwise of people with large mushrooms wondering the same thing. why are there giant mushrooms popping up after all the rains. >> i've got a couple. >> you got some mushrooms or pictures of mushrooms. >> he september us some picture and we'll start to talk about them. this is a great question and it is directly related to hurricane irene ironically. mushrooms are a living organism that is beneath the surface. this a fungus. what happens is, right beneath the surface, they live year round. we can't see them f you were to dig up the soil, the fibers are
6:51 am
so microscopic, you can't see t researchers in the past 20 years have made ground breaking studies about how this is a complicated organism. back in 1992, some researchers discovered in michigan one mushroom that was about 30 acres in size. have on one mushroom? yes, one mushroom complex. there has been humongous fungus found that cover more than three squire miles. the bottom line is this. in order to mushrooms to slive, we need heavy rain. they only pop up when it is very wet outside. hurricane irene gave the ideal conditions for mushrooms to grow and all of that heavy rain allowed them to push up through the soil. they will push up in a matter of a few hours when conditions are perfect. suddenly after not seeing mushrooms in the yard all summer, you will have five or
6:52 am
sick. reason they grow is the reason that we see acorns. the mushroom is how the fungus is able to reproduce. there areling seeds,ling spores in the mushroom that, when exposed to wind are able to spread their seed around the world. >> that doesn't mean there is anything bad about the soil, does it? >> not at all. it is alive with this organize mitch right beneath the surface. not much can you do to get rid of. it sure you can spread lots of stuff on it if you are really determined. if you dig, you won't be able to see it. >> most of the time, it will lay do remember and there. >> it will wait for the ideal conditions. let me add, never eat the mushrooms. i know i got to say it. but there are lots of instances where people think they are identifying a certain type. mushroom and they are not getting it right and they eat it and get very sick. so don't eat the mushrooms unless you are a mushroom expert.
6:53 am
>> too many bad kind out there. >> thank you. see, i love the question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you upload the video question and we may play it. >> that is after the rain. >> clever. >> so if you are like uncedably bored, you could probably literally watch the mushrooms grow. >> you could put a camera up. if you knew where it would pop up, you could just wait. >> how fun that is? >> lesson learned, don't eat the mushroom unless it is on top of a pizza. >> amen to that. >> we have problems with the signal lights not working properly. this happens to be along south dakota avenue at michigan avenue in northeast. treat this as a four-way stop. they are now checking for a crash reported near 202. heads up making your way south of pepsi plant.
6:54 am
big delays for those coming southbound on kenilworth avenue. earlier zen finally cleared, wrapping opportunity eastbound along 66. stalled car here before nutley street now pushed over to the shoulder. big delays out of fair oaks. an earthquake, the hurricane and after the craziness of last few days, we could all use a little sun. >> coming up next hour, holly is live in timonium, helping you enjoy the final days of the maryland state fair. we'll check in with her after break. >> how cute. a little piggy.
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good morning i am holly morrison on this thursday. we are back on the fair beat. we are live at the maryland state fair where a half million people come each and every year to celebrate all they have set up here. as you can see there is a
6:58 am
strong agricultural component of this fair. this morning we will start our coverage there. this is the last weekend, the big push into labor day. we will start in the birthing center. little miss madson is helping us. we got to put them under the lamp so they don't get cold. we will talk to them and talk about how you can come and see all the different life starting processes here in the barn. there is more than animals we will head to the batting cages who would have ever thought batting cages they have them here. during our 9:00 a.m. hour we will wrap it up with fair food. i hear they have deep fried buckeyes. being from ohio i love them but haven't tried them deep fried. those are the cutest little chicks i have ever seen >> i think so too. >> and madson. >> and madson too.
6:59 am
>> cutest little farm girl i have ever seen. >> be careful what is in the deep fried food we will check with you later on. time to check with our facebook fan of the day, karen barney she is a day care provider in calvert county and has been busy with a house full of kids since school has been out. i am so sorry hopefully they will all get back to school soon if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news, and post a comment under karen's photo. that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to alison joining steve. >> thank you so much. coming up on fox 5 morning news you may have awakened to the earth shaking this morning yep another after shock felt here in our area and president obama wanted wednesday but now he must settle for thursday to give his much anticipated jobs speech. the fourth delay setting up a fire storm


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